Family Pic 2015I am a transformed disciple of Jesus Christ (Mt. 28:18-20). Most Sundays you can find me investing at First Baptist Haughton, La. I believe that Jesus died for the local Church (Heb. 12:23), and I plan to serve God in the Church all of my days. Early each morning you can find me in a secluded spot engaged in personal devotion which includes the splendor of God’s Word, conversations with my Savior, writing down insights, and sipping a savory cup (or two) of Java.

I am committed to my family. I grow to love my bride Elizabeth more and more each day. She is by far the BEST part of our marriage. My children Erika, Austin, Caleb, and Noah, are talented, smart, and FULL of energy. God uses my chilluns to bring joy, focus, and energy to my day.

I am a student and love to learn. I learned much while studying and playing basketball at Haughton High School (1989) and then at Bossier Parish Community College (1989-1991). I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative Careers at East Texas Baptist University in 1994 before completing a Master’s Degree in Religious Education with an emphasis in Youth Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2000. Finally, I earned my Doctor of Education Ministry degree from NOBTS in 2015.

I am a speaker, writer, and disciple-maker. I am privileged to be a contributing author for two books: Impact Student Leadership Devotional and Together We Equip: Integrating Discipleship and Ministry Leadership for Holistic Spiritual Formation. God has graciously given me many opportunities to speak at conferences, revivals, and retreats.

Two shifts have taken place in my life since 2014. First, I transitioned from student ministry after 25 years into the Equipping Pastor role at FBCH. This allows me to make disciples on a larger scale and share vision with others who are doing the same. Second, writing and speaking opportunities have increased dramatically as God birthed within me the ERUPT disciple-making strategy for the local church based on Jesus’ model. See the Resources link for the infographic (put hyperlink here).

I am a competitor. Whether it’s playing a sport, chasing whitetail deer, calling in ducks, or playing cards with my 2am friends, I compete. As a hunter, I teach my family to eat what we harvest and harvest only what we plan to eat. Many of my most enjoyable memories and gospel conversations have come in the outdoors and/or around a coffee table in my living room.

Sooo, I am a transformed disciple, family-man, lifetime learner, professional speaker and writer, humble disciple-maker, and vicious competitor that elevates Jesus, loves friends, likes coffee, and enjoys hunting. I exist to glorify God by multiplying disciples. That’s who I am. How about you?